Ditch Your NAS! Move to Amazon EFS


Ditch Your NAS! Move to Amazon EFS

Broadcast Date:
September 25, 2018

Level 300 | Service How-To
Applications requiring on-premises NAS file storage require a file system interface and semantics to maintain the functionality and file access. As businesses move to the cloud they require storage resources that integrate with their existing applications and tools. In this tech talk, we will discuss how to move your NAS-based applications to Amazon EFS, taking advantage of the world's first cloud-native file storage solution. Learn which applications are best suited to migrate to Amazon EFS, and the steps to consider when moving your file-based applications to the AWS Cloud. We will discuss common use cases and demonstrate how to deploy and migrate your data to Amazon EFS. We will share best practices and tips for success throughout.

Learning Objectives:
• Recognize why and when to use Amazon EFS to replace your NAS
• Understand the key technical, performance, and security concepts of Amazon EFS
• Discover how to take the next step and get started moving to Amazon EFS

Suited For: IT Professionals, System Administrators, Engineers, Storage Administrators, Cloud Architects

Speaker(s): Darryl Osborne, Solutions Architect, AWS

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