Brand loyalty, organizational agility, and operational efficiency are key to addressing market forces and more demanding customer expectations.

COVID-19 raised the bar for consumer expectations — across verticals, shoppers now require new levels of value, variety, and convenience. As consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands work to meet this new experience baseline, they are also facing rising transportation and shipping costs, excess inventory, and a decline in consumer spending. On top of that, changes to consumer privacy data laws have disrupted traditional digital marketing, forcing brands to interact with and learn about their customers in new ways.

To ignite growth and future-proof their businesses, CPG companies need to reinvent how they develop, make, move, and market their products to customers. Read this eBook to learn how CPG brands can:

  • Drive brand loyalty through personalization, supported by an integrated view of the consumer and data across the enterprise
  • Increase agility through cloud-based technology enhanced with artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Boost efficiency by accelerating innovation and reducing costs

Download the eBook now to learn how CPGs can execute on these pathways to digital transformation during a dynamic and uncertain time.

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