Digital Transformation for UK Policing


Digital Transformation for UK Policing

Harnessing the power of the cloud

“The pace of innovation and uptake of new technologies has never been faster, and it will never be this slow again.”– National Policing Digital Strategy 2020

Adopting cloud is an essential step in the path to accelerating innovation and building the capabilities that UK policing needs to respond to the challenges posed by criminality. Being in touch with the latest digital trends will help police leaders build modern services.

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Cloud technology can help UK policing keep abreast of changes in order to be ready to respond to the new demands that the future will bring.

Learn about

  • How policing organisations can use the power of cloud technology to reduce the impact of crime on the public, free up frontline officers to spend more time preventing and dealing with crime, and make services more accessible to the public
  • How police agencies can use the cloud to start making data-driven decisions to prevent crime and protect the vulnerable
  • Law enforcement agencies worldwide that are using the cloud right now to make data-driven decisions and prevent cybercrime, ransomware, and human trafficking
  • How end-to-end digital evidence collection, processing and presentation, digital forensic data extraction, and advanced analytics can support policing missions the cloud
  • The platforms based on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) that are being deployed by public sector organisations to meet the needs of the communities they serve
  • How public sector organisations across the UK including the Ministry of Justice, DVLA, and more are using the cloud to build modern services

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