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MLB Advanced Media: Delivering a Digital Experience to 25 Million Fans with New Relic and AWS

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When it comes to streaming live video across the web for millions of users, the stakes are high. Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) is the dedicated streaming platform for MLB as well as other high-profile clients such as HBO Now. Since user experience is a critical aspect of their offering, MLBAM embraced a DevOps approach to application development and deployment, leading them to Amazon Web Services and New Relic. Join us for our upcoming webinar where speakers from New Relic, AWS, and MLBAM will explain how MLBAM uses the scalability of AWS and the visibility provided by New Relic to produce the “gold standard” for digital streaming video infrastructure.

When: Available On Demand (please register to view)

Join us to Learn:
  • How MLBAM leveraged New Relic and AWS to improve the accuracy and capacity planning ahead of high-traffic events
  • Why visibility is the key to a successful DevOps cloud initiative
  • Best practices for optimizing the performance of your cloud-hosted applications
Who Should Attend:
Site Reliability Engineers, Head of IT, Head of App Dev, DevOps Engineers, DevOps Managers, Senior Technical Managers in Engineering and Operations

AWS Speaker:  Kevin Cochran, Partner Solutions Architect

New Relic Speaker:   Lee Atchison, Sr. Director of Strategic Architecture

Customer Speakers: Christian Villoslada, VP of Software Engineering, MLBAM & Brandon SanGiovanni, Senior Operations Manager, Core Media Operations, MLBAM