Deep Dive on Amazon Pinpoint Segmentation and Endpoint Management


Deep Dive on Amazon Pinpoint Segmentation and Endpoint Management

Broadcast Date:
May 29, 2018

Level 300 | Service Deep Dive
AWS Customers use Amazon Pinpoint to define user engagement scenarios such as targeted and transactional messaging using email, push notification and SMS. Amazon Pinpoint segmentation and endpoint management allows customers to be able to effectively create, manage and edit endpoints, addressing single destinations directly or using userID to address multiple destinations linked to a single user. Amazon Pinpoint also launched additional segmentation capabilities to enable to you to define the right target audience for your messaging campaigns. Targeting the right audience is key to increasing message effectiveness and offering customers a personalized engagement experience, and in this webinar you'll learn how this can be done with Amazon Pinpoint.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about endpoint management on Amazon Pinpoint
• See how to use userIDs on Amazon Pinpoint to directly use the CRM IDs
• Find out how to leverage segmentation on Amazon Pinpoint via the console and APIs

Suited For: Marketers and Developers focused on building messaging solutions to engage their end-users

Speaker(s): Zach Barbitta, Sr. Product Manager, AWS; Georgie Mathews, Sr. Product Manager, AWS

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