Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Accelerated Computing


Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Accelerated Computing

Broadcast Date:
May 02, 2018

Level 300 | Service Deep Dive
Researchers, scientists and IT organizations are looking to cost-effectively and rapidly develop, deploy and deliver machine learning and HPC workloads by leveraging the agility, scalability and availability of the public cloud. Amazon EC2 Accelerated Computing platform products include Amazon EC2 P3 instances, Amazon EC2 G3 instances and Amazon EC2 F1 instances. This webinar will provide a detailed technical deep dive of the Amazon EC2 Accelerated Computing platforms, which are Amazon EC2 P3, Amazon EC2 G3 and Amazon EC2 F1 instances, their key market use cases which include machine learning, high performance computing, scientific research and reconfigurable computing.

Learning Objectives:
• Technical understanding of AWS' offerings for GPU-based and FPGA-based accelerated computing
• Technical understanding of which Amazon EC2 Accelerated Computing services are ideal for running deep learning training and inference, advanced graphics applications, high performance computing, and reconfigurable computing
• What are the technical advantages of using Amazon EC2 Accelerated Computing services to run ML/DL and HPC workloads in the cloud

Suited For: High performance computing IT professional, IT Leaders, machine learning/artificial intelligence users and developers

Speaker(s): Chetan Kapoor, Sr. Product Manager, AWS

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