Broadcast Date: February 18, 2020

Level: 200

Event-driven architectures can help decouple services and simplify dependencies as your application grows. There are now new options for developers looking to benefit from this approach with the release of AWS Lambda controls for asynchronous and stream processing events, Lambda event destinations, and Amazon EventBridge, a serverless event bus service. In this tech talk, we'll demonstrate strategies for managing events to help you build more resilient event-driven applications. You will learn how to customize responses to Lambda function results with new service features to handle retries, failures, and prevent “poison pill” events. We will also demonstrate how to configure Lambda event destinations to route execution results to other AWS services, and how to set up routing rules in Amazon EventBridge that react to all of your data sources.

Learning Objectives

  • Control AWS Lambda function execution results for both asynchronous and stream processing
  • Establish visibility and forwarding of asynchronous Lambda function executions
  • Perform event routing with Amazon EventBridge

Who Should Attend?

Developers building event-driven applications with Amazon EventBridge, developers who are already using AWS Lambda for stream or asynchronous event processing, developers looking for greater visibility into their serverless applications, developers interested in building serverless event-driven applications


  • Benjamin Smith, Senior Developer Advocate – AWS Serverless, AWS

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