Building an Immersive VR Streaming Solution on AWS


Building an Immersive VR Streaming Solution on AWS

Broadcast Date:
February 26, 2018

Level 300 | Solutions Best Practices
In this session, we will look at building cost-effective on-demand VR streaming solutions on AWS using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon S3, Amazon Simple Queuing Service (SQS), Amazon CloudFront, and the Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS).

Learning Objectives:
• Understand key EC2 Spot Instances concepts and common usage patterns for maximum scale and cost optimization in the cloud
• Leverage lower compute costs to better compete on price and, as a result, win more business
• Leverage the full scale of the AWS cloud for faster results

Suited For: Amazon EC2 users and buyers, cloud admins, content creators working in the immersive media delivery spaces

Speaker(s): Chad Schmutzer, Solutions Architect, EC2 Spot, AWS; Shawn Przybilla, Solutions Architect, AWS

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