Building Data Lakes That Cost Less and Deliver Results Faster


Building Data Lakes That Cost Less and Deliver Results Faster

Broadcast Date:
May 01, 2018

Level 300 | Service Deep Dive
Large object storage repositories, or data lakes, give us the ability to run big data analytics at larger scale than ever before. However, querying across larger data lakes can reduce performance and increase cost. Amazon S3 Select and Amazon Glacier Select are new AWS object storage features designed to filter and retrieve only the data you need from an object. These features allow queries to run directly on data stored in Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier. These features allow you to increase application performance by up to 400% and reduce total cost of ownership by extending your data lake into cost-effective archive storage. In this webinar, we'll discuss key considerations when you build your data lake in AWS object storage and how to use Amazon S3 Select and Amazon Glacier Select. We'll also examine other query-in-place tools available in Amazon S3 like Amazon Athena and how S3 Select helps to accelerate its performance, as well.

Learning Objectives:
• Get an inside look at Amazon S3 Select and how it helps to accelerate application performance
• Learn about how Amazon Glacier Select helps you extend your data lake to archival storage
• Understand how different applications can leverage these features

Suited For: Data Scientists, Storage Administrators, Application Administrators

Speaker(s): John Mallory, Business Development Manager, AWS

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