Broadcast Date: July 28, 2022

Level: 200

Amazon Relational Database Service for SQL Server (RDS SQL Server) is a managed database service that handles the undifferentiated heavy lifting of operating databases (i.e. patching, automated backups and failovers) to ensure high availability, durability and security, so you can focus on innovation and delivering business solutions. This session is a collection of learnings from 10+ years of helping AWS customers who migrated from self-managed SQL Server to managed Amazon RDS SQL server. Whether you are self-managing your own SQL server databases on-premise or an existing AWS customer, we will walk you through best practices, use cases, demos and considerations throughout the migration journey and after you have launched on RDS SQL Server.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide helpful tips and tricks on how to migrate from self-managed to RDS SQL Server
  • Learn how to optimize performance and cost with RDS SQL Server

Who Should Attend?

DBAs, Developers and engineers interested in migrating from SQL Server to RDS SQL Server


  • Manish Punjabi, Head of RDS Commercial GTM Specialist at AWS
  • Sandeep Singh, Database Solution Architect at AWS

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