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Broadcast Date: October 5, 2020

AWS Transfer Family enables you to use common file transmission protocols, such as SFTP, FTPS, and FTP, to allow your internal and external users to access data inside of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). AWS Transfer Family allows your users and business partners to seamlessly share data with your organization without having to learn and use Amazon S3 APIs. While AWS Transfer Family provides a powerful and simple way to grant your users and customers access to data in your Amazon S3 buckets, securing your AWS Transfer Family servers should be a priority to prevent unintended access to secure your most critical data. In this workshop you will learn about secure file sharing best practices for securing your AWS SFTP, FTPS, or FTP servers, whether you are transferring large technical documents for customers, media files for a marketing agency, research data, invoices from suppliers, and more. We’ll have a live presenter and moderators on hand to answer questions and help ensure you have the information you need to make your data migration to AWS successful.

In this episode, we'll talk about:

  • Learn how to properly secure your AWS Transfer Family user accounts using logical directories to prevent unauthorized access to specific files or folders
  • Understand how to host your AWS Transfer Family server endpoints inside of a VPC and use IP whitelisting to ensure only partner organizations you trust are able to attempt to access your endpoint
  • Explore how to create a static external IP relationship for your AWS Transfer Family endpoints so that partner organizations can allow SFTP outbound to only trusted endpoints

Who should attend?

Developers, Engineers, and Solution Architects who are involved in configuring AWS Transfer Family servers. Anyone who has an interest in using common transfer protocols, such as SFTP, FTPS, or FTP, to allow access to their Amazon S3 bucket data.


Basic knowledge of enterprise data storage, your own non-production AWS account with administrator access, your own non-production Amazon S3 bucket.


  • Russ Boyer, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS and Jeff Bartley, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS

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