Automated Windows and Linux Patching


Automated Windows and Linux Patching

Broadcast Date:
September 19, 2018

Level 300 | Service Deep Dive
To help reduce the risk of data breaches, instances across your environment should be patched in a consistent and timely manner. AWS Systems Manager helps you select and deploy operating system and software patches automatically across large groups of Amazon EC2 or on-premises instances. In this tech talk, learn how to automate your patching processes for Windows and Linux servers and instances across your environment. Using AWS Systems Manager, we will show you how to create patching rules, automate patch application outside business hours, patch zero-day vulnerabilities, and view patch compliance.

Learning Objectives:
• AWS Systems Manager principles, intrinsic capabilities and Patch Manager concepts
• How to use patch baselines to include rules for automatically approving patches within days of their release and provide a list of approved/rejected patches
• How to leverage patch groups to organize instances into groups for patching based on environment, role or other factors

Suited For: Technical Decision Makers, IT Pros, DevOps Engineers, SysAdmins

Speaker(s): Eric Westfall, Solutions Architect, AWS; Sohaib Tahir, Solutions Architect, AWS

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