Automate for Efficiency with AI Language Services


Automate for Efficiency with AI Language Services

Broadcast Date:
August 21, 2018

Level 200 | Use Case How To
Advancements in AI and machine learning now make it possible and affordable to sift through and find meaning in vast amounts of unstructured data obtained from video and audio files, emails, logs, social media posts and even notifications from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. All of this data can bring about enormous benefits when used to automate tasks that are manual, costly, and time-consuming. AWS brings natural language processing (NLP), automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and neural machine translation (NMT) technologies within reach of every developer. Organizations can benefit from intelligent automation through AI technology, either to replace or augment existing workflows. In this session, you’ll learn how to use AI Language Services to streamline and help scale business processes.

Learning Objectives:
• Get an introduction to AI Language Services from AWS
• Identify areas that can benefit from intelligent automation through AI technology
• Learn how to streamline existing business processes by automating tasks that are manual, costly and time-consuming

Suited For: Technical Decision Makers, IT & Software Developers

Speaker(s): Niranjan Hira, Solutions Architect, AWS; Patrick Tedjamulia, Co-founder & CEO, VideoPeel; Ben Cobb, CTO, VideoPeel

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