Applied Live Migration to DynamoDB from Cassandra


Applied Live Migration to DynamoDB from Cassandra

Broadcast Date:
September 17, 2018

Level 400 | Service How-To
Are you on considering moving from Cassandra to DynamoDB? Join us for this tech talk as we show you how to analyze a Cassandra cluster in place, map Cassandra terminology and data structures to Amazon DynamoDB, and demonstrate one method to migrate a live application to DynamoDB. We will cover terminology, the basics of Apache Cassandra replication, consistency, and the ring topology, and explain how to estimate the cost savings with a fully managed non-relational database. Finally, we’ll cover a method to migrate to DynamoDB and include a short demo.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn the benefits of a fully managed NoSQL database
• Learn about the considerations and pre-requisites for migrating to DynamoDB
• Learn how to migrate from Cassandra to DynamoDB

Suited For: Developers, DBAs, IT Pros, Architects

Speaker(s): Sean Shriver, DynamoDB Specialist SA, AWS

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