Analyze your Data Lake, Fast @ Any Scale


Analyze your Data Lake, Fast @ Any Scale

Broadcast Date:
January 22, 2018

Level 300 | Service Deep Dive
Customers are adopting data lakes to collect and store their data, but struggle on how to analyze open data formats in their data lake along with data in their data warehouse. Amazon Redshift Spectrum allows you to run SQL queries against open data formats that you already use today, stored in Amazon S3, and data stored in your Amazon Redshift data warehouse. AWS Glue can discover, catalog, and prepare data in your data lake for analysis. In this tech talk, we will cover how to automatically discover what is in your data lake, catalog it, and make it immediately available for analytics. We will also show you how to analyze your data lake and data warehouse and get fast results at any scale, from gigabytes to exabytes.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to automatically discover, catalog, and prepare your data for analytics
• Understand how to query data in your data lake without having to transform or load the data into your data warehouse
• See how to analyze data in both your data lake and data warehouse

Suited For: Data Warehouse Administrators, Database Administrators, Developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Architects

Speaker(s): Maor Kleider, Sr Product Manager, Amazon Redshift; Prajakta Damle, Sr Product Manager, AWS Glue

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