Apple Business Chat Integration Preview

Apple Business Chat Integration Preview

Apple Business Chat Integration is now available in preview. In order to request access, you will need:

1. Apple Business Chat ID: Once you've registered for an Apple Business Chat Account and have been approved by Apple, you’ll be provided with a unique Apple Business Chat ID. You can find the Business Chat ID by going to your Business Chat Account page and scrolling down to the Messaging Service Provider section. Please note: You must select Amazon Connect as the MSP (Messaging Service Provider) from the drop-down list. If Amazon Connect does not appear in the drop-down list, click on “Advanced” and enter the following URL:

2. Amazon Connect Instance ID: this is the Amazon Connect instance you’d like to link your Apple Business Chat Account with. If you do not already have an Amazon Connect instance, you can create one by visiting the AWS Management console. For more information see Create an Amazon Connect instance.

3. Amazon Connect Contact Flow ID: this is the contact flow you’d like to use for inbound Apple Business Chat messages. Contact flows define the experiences for your customers when they begin a new chat. You can find your contact flow ID by following these steps:

    • Log in to your Amazon Connect instance.

    • In the left navigation bar, pause on Routing, and then choose Contact flows.

    • Select the Contact flow you’d like to use.

    • In the Contact flow designer, expand Show additional flow information.

    • Under ARN, you’ll see Amazon Resource Name (ARN) which is composed of your Amazon Connect Instance ID and Contact Flow ID. It looks like the following: arn:aws:connect:region:123456789012:instance/12a34b56-7890-1234-cde5-6789f0a1b2c3/contact-flow/123a45b6-c7d8-9012-34e5-6fab789c012d.

    • Copy the Contact flow ID (everything after contact-flow/).

4. Expected Apple Business Chat daily message volume

Please submit the information below to request an invitation to the preview. We will contact you with instructions if you are accepted.