Amazon CI/CD Practices for Software Development Teams


Amazon CI/CD Practices for Software Development Teams

Broadcast Date:
August 22, 2018

Level 200 | Thought Leadership
At Amazon, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) techniques enable collaboration, increase agility, and deliver a high-quality product faster. In this talk, we walk you through the practices we use for both the CI and the CD of software delivery. For CI, we showcase how we incorporate pull requests to increase team collaboration. We also demonstrate how to optimize CI workflows for speed with caching, code analysis, and integration testing. For CD, we share example safety mechanisms, including canary testing, rollbacks, and availability zone redundancy. We use the AWS developer tools that were designed based on the internal Amazon tooling: AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS X-Ray.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about Amazon's continuous integration practices
• Learn about Amazon's continuous development practices
• Understand how AWS's CI/CD tooling can be leveraged to implement Amazon's practices

Suited For: Developers, Managers, and anyone interested in learning how Amazon practices CI/CD

Speaker(s): Curtis Rissi, Solutions Architect, AWS

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