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Increase media asset value with AI/ML-generated metadata

Maximize the value of media assets using machine learning (ML) services. Generate metadata to optimize search and discovery, moderate content, and add contextual advertising for improved monetization.

Create automated intelligent highlights and replays

See how an AI/ML framework uses ML models to segment live sports and news programming and prioritize clips for highlights and replays.

Real-time personalization and recommendations for VOD libraries

See how Amazon Personalize creates content offers tailored to individual consumers and derived from user actions, including recommendations and viewing activity.

Content localization for VOD assets

Efficiently create multi-language subtitles using ML to extend the reach of VOD content and improve translation accuracy.

Live stream auto-captioning on AWS

Make live streams more accessible by creating live captions on the fly using Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Interactive Video Service, showcasing how image overlays are triggered on video players.

Virtual post production for picture, color, and sound

Cloud-based post production can accelerate content time to market and meet global requirements. Learn about the architecture and tools that aid deployment, secure IP, and scale production environments.

Amazon Nimble Studio: The first managed, virtual studio in the cloud

Studios can onboard and collaborate globally to produce visual effects, animation, and interactive content entirely in the cloud using virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering.

Build a broadcast-quality live streaming platform on AWS

Build a configurable, broadcast-quality live stream capable of global delivery. Walk through each component, including acquisition, dynamic ad insertion, and cookie-less token-based authorization.

Live events with multiple camera angle options for viewers

Learn how to deliver innovative experiences to audiences by displaying multiple live streams for viewers to switch between, with near frame-accurate video synchronization within the same player.

Title matching and out-of-catalog search for VOD libraries

See how the IMDb dataset enables movie title matching and out-of-catalog search. Learn how metadata is used to present movie information to users and how metadata is analyzed to locate similar titles.

Live remote production on AWS

Using a combination of ISVs and AWS services, learn how to optimize the costs of live remote production, test new business models, and centralize and automate operations.

Deliver contextual advertising based on content metadata

Discover how contextual advertising delivers targeted ads with a direct correlation to the content. Video is analyzed with AI/ML services to determine ad placement and the right ads to display.

Create virtual linear streams with channel assembly

Use exisiting or new VOD workflows to drive channel assembly with AWS Elemental MediaTailor. Create linear streams that run at a fraction of the cost of traditional playout.

HTML5 motion graphics with dynamic control of content and overlays

Create rich visuals for weather, news, and sports applications that are dynamically controlled by data and that combine encoding and input-switching capabilities with motion graphics based on HTML5.

Streaming analytics, visualization, and intelligence

Collect metrics to understand and compare the experiences of end users across platforms and CDNs. Analyze with Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, visualize, and scale to billions of data points.

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