The Conversations with Leaders podcast, brought to you by AWS (Amazon Web Services), focuses on personal lessons of leadership, vision, culture, and people development. Our series features executive level discussions - intended to harness, elevate, and share insights from cloud leaders across top enterprise companies.

Amazon Enterprise Strategists who are former CIO, CTO, and CISOs, interview business executives, in a dialogue about their personal insights on the AWS cloud transformation journey, inspiring innovation, and leading teams. Our goal is to share peer-to-peer perspectives in a way that is both personal and inspiring for others in the cloud leadership community.

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Leading an Organization Through Cloud Transformation [listen now]

Keisha Garcia

Program Director Cloud Transformation, BP

Learn the importance of bridging organizational gaps while navigating change.

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The Ninja Academy [listen now]

Ollie Simpson

Leader of Transformation and Learning, BP

Successful tips on building cloud training programs that excite teams.

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Scalable Learning Mechanisms [listen now]

Prakash Kota

Chief Information Officer, Autodesk

Secrets on how to start small and expand fast by investing in people you already have to build a culture of continuous learning.

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Cloud Talent Development [listen now]

Maureen Lonergan

Director, AWS Training and Certification

Learn the three ways investment in cloud training and certification benefits your organization.

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