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School closures have led to economic hardship, social isolation, and other stressors for families nationwide. Government offices are facing constituent engagement challenges with office closures and remote work. Re-opening these central pillars of our society is critical, but how do leaders responsible for re-opening do it safely? This webinar explores the unique re-opening challenges impacting school districts and government agencies and offers best practices supported by real-life examples.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Effectively identify areas of focus for returning to the office and in-person learning environments.
  • Learn from shared experiences of community influencers and district leaders.
  • Assess the state of your current COVID-19 measures and safety protocol areas for improvement.
  • Employ practical tools, such as self-certification, entry validation, and contact tracing.

Who Should Attend?

Human Resources Leaders, Chief Safety Officers, Resource Officers, Chief Operating Officers


Betsy Baker, AWS, Digital Services Lead

Betsy is a public health leader with a focus on health information exchange, data analytics and citizen engagement. Betsy currently leads AWS’ data lakes and digital services engagements, working with public agencies, community based organizations and technology partners across the country to improve data aggregation and exchange across the U.S. – including engaging citizens in public health education and response. Betsy was formerly a Director of Client Services, leading large enterprise analytic implementations in Medicaid agencies and has over a decade of experience in the public sector arena, promoting data driven programs, policy, and targeted consumer engagement.

David Kavlick, CrisisGo

David has spent an entire career supporting K-12 School districts, Locally, Regionally and Nationally. Dave’s expertise is in providing Technology Solutions, Professional Services and Staff Development where he has promoted growth, on a regional, state and national level and has Ensured collaboration, with all internal and external stakeholders, to provide a smooth transition from the contract team to the implementation team, improving and sustaining a great customer experience.

Chris Olson, Director of Human Resources, Joliet Township District 204 - Illinois

Chris Olson is District 204's human resources director. As part of the Joliet Township district 204. Chris's goal is to recruit, develop, support, and retain quality professionals who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and support the mission of Joliet Township High School. Prior to this function, Chris also served as District Athletic Director and District Expulsion Officer. JTHS believes in a proactive approach to school security including Parents and students who are contributing greatly to school security and safety.

Mary Gregg, Interim Chief Operating Officer; and Chief Safety Officer, Santa Barbara MTD, California

Mary is managing all Safety programs and teams at Santa Barbara MTD (CA). The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District, with its focus on passenger service, provides reliable, safe, comfortable mobility to those who lack other transportation, including students, the elderly and individuals with disabilities who have access to bus stops. MTD also provides an attractive transportation option for commuters and shoppers who might otherwise drive cars. Santa Barbara MTD has 719 bus stops and manage more than 6,000,000 trips per year.

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