In the era of digital transformation organizations are seeking to innovate faster to provide better customer experiences and outperform their peers. Developer time is valuable and is best spent on high-value features rather than routine and repetitive tasks. Increasingly, engineering leaders are exploring how low-code tools can help improve developer productivity, reduce costs, and deliver value to customers faster.

Join experts from DevOps Institute and AWS to explore low-code development, best-fit use cases, practical tools for developers and how to achieve your application delivery goals with AWS.

Attendees will learn about:

  • What projects or use-cases are best fit for low-code approaches
  • What levels of abstraction developers can build with using low-code from visual point-and-click to editing code
  • AWS customers that are using low-code tools to accelerate development while adhering to security and governance policies
  • Delivering applications faster using AWS and low-code tools from AWS Marketplace like Outsystems, Appian, and SnapLogic

Who Should Attend?

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), DevOps and engineering leaders, developers, cloud architects, and site reliability engineers.


Leo Murillo, Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Leonardo Murillo is the founder of Cloud Native Architects, CTO at Qwinix, and DevOps Institute Ambassador. Leo brings a wide-ranging industry perspective, with over 20 years of experience building technology and leading teams all the way from startups to Fortune 500s. He is passionate about cloud-native technologies, organizational transformation, and the open-source community. A believer in human potential and the transformative power of technology, Leo focuses on exploring leading-edge technologies hands-on and pondering on technology strategy.

Kishore Vinjam, Partner Solution Architect, AWS

Technology enthusiast, Kishore Vinjam is a Partner Solution Architect at AWS, covering AWS Marketplace, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS Control Tower. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, with infrastructure management and governance and solution design and development at scale as his core skills. His work experience includes architecting complex solutions and migration strategies for organizations of different sizes at several phases of their technology innovations.

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