AWS IoT Digital Roadshow:

Smart Manufacturing

New episodes Thursdays at 3:00 pm CEST. Previous episodes now on-demand.

Title & Headline

Industrial organizations are increasingly driven to digitize processes, transform business models, and improve performance and productivity. This series illustrates how AWS IoT capabilities can securely enable you to accelerate your adoption of Industry 4.0. Each episode details digitization best practices, highlights industry pioneering customers, and showcases how you can leverage the power of AWS and our partner solutions to usher in the future of smart of manufacturing. View them on-demand below; new recordings will be added after each episode is aired.

Series Schedule

All webinars are hosted on Thursdays at 3:00 pm CEST

Episode 1: AWS IoT for Manufacturing

Featuring AWS  |  3 September 2020

Episode 2: IoT Retrofitting of Industrial Machines

Featuring CloudRail and Bearing Point  |  10 September 2020

Episode 3: Intelligent Shopfloor with SAP and AWS IoT

Featuring Syntax  |  17 September 2020

Episode 4: Closing the Loop from Cloud to Manufacturing Operations

Featuring Capgemini and XL2  |  24 September 2020

Episode 5: Industrial Cloud: Digitally Transforming Automotive Manufacturing

Featuring Volkswagen AG  |  1 October 2020

Episode 6: Brownfield to Digital Platform

Featuring Deloitte  |  8 October 2020

Episode 7: Enabling Digitization in Brownfield Factories

Featuring Siemens  |  15 October 2020