Learn how Telecom Operators around the globe are transforming with AWS.

Register for the AWS Telco Symposium Online to hear from senior telecom executives, AWS experts and telecom ecosystem partners. You will gain insights into the latest strategic thinking, innovative approaches and use cases that are accelerating change and business outcomes in Telecom Operators in 4 key areas:

  • Monetizing 5G, Edge, and IoT
  • Digital Transformation and Data Center Modernization in Telecom Operators
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Telecom Operators
  • Network Evolution and Business Automation (NFV, OSS/BSS)

Who should attend:

Whether you are an Executive, Line of Business Owner, or an IT Professional we have content specifically designed to inform, educate, and engage you with innovative ideas, business oriented use cases, and case studies based on proven technologies that solve Telecom industry challenges.

Why you should attend:

Session content has been specifically designed to allow you to hear from AWS customers and partners who will share business outcomes as a result of their implementation of AWS services. You will also have the opportunity to explore the virtual Expo to see the latest demos and use cases. Come see how AWS can accelerate your journey.

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Event Agenda

9:00 - 9:25 CET (EMEA)
9:00 - 9:25 PST (NAMER)
Opening Keynote

On the Edge of Transformation: How Telcos Power the Future of the Connected World with AWS;

Dirk Didascalou, AWS VP IoT

In an evolving market, communications service providers (CSPs) are seeking to transform themselves and provide innovative offerings that exceed customer expectations while optimizing for business impact. By combining the power of IoT, edge computing, machine learning with the telco connectivity offerings, CSPs can accelerate their transformation and move up the stack beyond connectivity to bring a new wave of products and experiences to market across any industry. Join this session to learn how CSPs can realize value today while building the future of a truly connected world with AWS.





5G, Edge and IoT MonetizationAWS Track Host - Robin Harwani

Digital Transformation and ModernizationAWS Track Host - Guy Ben Baruch, Andrew Allison

Applied AI/ML in Telecom AWS Track Host - Ross McWalter

Transforming Telecom through Network Evolution and Business Automation (NVF, OSS/BSS)AWS Track Host - Andy Sheahen

9:30 - 10:00 CET
9:30 - 10:00 PST
Monetizing 5G: In the right place, at the right time - moving to the EdgeThe telecom technology available to customers is undergoing a massive transformation: 5G, IoT, SDN, and multi-access edge computing can be complex to piece together. Vodafone starts with the business outcomes customers want to achieve, and helps them get the right data to the right things, in the right place and at the right time. In today’s world, responsiveness matters; milliseconds matter. Customers who can embrace this new paradigm the quickest will build the next killer apps, disrupt their industries, and gain competitive advantage. Working together, Vodafone and AWS are bringing this capability – whether for gaming, AR/VR, visual recognition, robotics, drones – to customers in Europe.

Jennifer Gill Didoni,
Head of 5G Cloud and Services, Vodafone

How to accelerate cloud adoption with a Cloud Migration Factory; In this session, the speakers will showcase how a cloud migration factory can help speed up your digital transformation and give insights on how the IT of Deutsche Telekom is “cloudifying” their application landscape.

Dr. Stefan Schloter,
SVP DTO, Deutsche Telekom IT

Jeremias Reith,
Head of CCoE, Deutsche Telekom IT
Transformation to data-centric operations for Telefónica TIWS Operations;Telefónica TIWS needs to evolve operations, by providing a unique experience with a 360 view on customers and services in real time, optimizing processes and infrastructures, and providing maximum efficiency in our network and platforms. As a first step, Telefónica and Amazon built in six months a single platform on AWS for the end-to-end view (with real-time data) of the services in its network. This platform enables several use cases, such as unified customer management, a dashboard with the incidents in the services, SLA tracking, and direct access to real-time data and historical data, traffic trends, and network behavior with ML.

Nicolas Howard;
CIO, Telefonica International Wholesale Services

OTT monetization in a disruptive age;The OTT media and content phenomenon has spurred new opportunities for communications service providers, but also invokes several challenges to successfully monetize value-added partner services. Hear what steps T-Mobile US took to meet the demands of the entire partner, subscription and consumer lifecycle in launching Quibi and their upcoming pipeline of OTT partners, including video, IoT, gaming subscriptions and more. Leveraging Amdocs Media’s MarketONE platform, powered by AWS, T-Mobile embarked to address OTT monetization at scale with effective partner onboarding, BSS integrations, and bundling and payment flexibility – all at a lower cost structure and faster time-to-market.

Sonny Whitehead,
Sr Director, Magenta Prepaid & Subscription Billing, T-Mobile US,

Jimit Shah,
Solution Engineering and Solution Architecture, Amdocs
10:00 - 10:15 CET
10:00 - 10:15 PST
10:15 - 10:45 CET
10:15 - 10:45 PST
Nokia and AWS are aligning to deliver a new paradigm of 5G Core Network for hyper scalability;5G represents the ultimate convergence of our previous network technologies and applications into a single, multi-purpose, multi-access network. The only way it can handle such diversity is by being completely flexible, scalable, and programmable. To accomplish this it must adopt fully a cloud-native architecture and move beyond the simple virtualization of existing platforms. Innovation in the mobile core will play a significant role in creating a global interconnected fabric that can actually support the full range of exciting applications and services that 5G makes possible. In the sense, Nokia’s implementation of the 5G Core Network on Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) is an inevitable choice to bring hyper-scalability, high-reliability and the best cost-efficiency for the 5G network.

Vach Kompella,
VP Packet Core, Nokia
Next-level customer experience: virtualization as key for transforming Germany’s O2 network; 5G, IoT and cloud computing - the network landscape is continuously changing, and so are customer demands. When implementing new technologies, network operators should focus on a customer-centered approach. Network function virtualization (NFV) provides vast new opportunities to establish a highly flexible network architecture, which is key to quickly adapt to new technologies and the changing digital life of mobile customers. This keynote highlights how virtualization can help transform mobile networks and invigorate customer experience by using the example of Germany’s O2 network, which connects more than 42 million people.

Mallik Rao,
Chief Technology & Information Officer, Telefonica Germany

5G and beyond: only continuous assurance can sustain agile Telecom; Telecommunications service providers must embrace digital transformation to realize the future. Service providers need to continuously innovate and continuously deploy differentiated value services to remain competitive. This is only possible with a move to the cloud, and agile. However, the move to “continuous” is only economically viable with Continuous Assurance. MoogSoft will demonstrate how the application of its 54 AI patents enables service providers to migrate to cloud and agile and sustain high-frequency change with a low cost of ownership and high-quality customer experience.

Mike Silvey,
EVP and Co-Founder, Moogsoft
Serverless 3GPP Core and BSS in AWS;Learn about the architecture and business potential of using a new approach to run 3GPP core and BSS in AWS. We share our recipe for launching two sub-brands for Telus in Canada and how we plan evolving toward a larger subscriber base. This will serve generations of global mobile networks, providing carrier-grade, 3G voice, SMS, VoLTE and UMTS, LTE, and 5G data. We will cover roadmap toward telecommunications services such as IoT, network slicing, and multi-access edge computing.

Andrei Ivanov,
Principal Technology Architect, Telus
10:45 - 11:15 CET
10:45 -11:15 PST
Migrating to a cloud TV platform and paving the way to Infinite entertainment; Synamedia’s Infinite is a market-leading cloud TV platform, enabling service providers to securely deliver aggregated linear, SVOD, and cDVR services on all screens. As the industry adapts to changing video consumption behaviors, Synamedia and one of its customers will present a real-world example of a cloud migration, leveraging the latest AWS services to deliver a personalized TV experience on all screens. Join us to discuss challenges and opportunities of deploying a next-generation IPTV OTT Platform in the cloud, and discover how AWS and Synamedia bring market-leading innovation, paving the way to 5G Infinite entertainment.

Nick Thexton,
CTO, Synamedia
How BT TV are driving digital transformation and modernization using AWS;BT is driving modernization in TV & Broadband in the UK. Come learn how BT approached the past few years as they moved to more lean and agile development and working practises. Jason will shed light on the framework and methods they have used to drive transformation in a big telco/media company.

Jason McKelliget,
Director Of DevOps Transformation BT TV & Broadband, BT
Enabling Machine Learning for everyone;Join the Verizon Operations Automation team to learn how a small group of software engineers enabled the SageMaker platform for Verizon and helped similar like-minded individuals start their machine learning journey. From a small idea to full AIOps implementation, the Verizon operations ML journey proves that with the power of AWS and SageMaker everyone can implement data science solutions.

Sean Thomas,
Systems Engineering Manager, Verizon

Harnessing AWS to deliver the power of 5G;5G will increase data capacity multifold, provide ultra-low latency connections, offer multiple network slices, thereby enabling new services like 8K videos, VR/AR, autonomous vehicles amongst others. 5G software architecture is based on microservices and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is an ideal platform for the Kubernetes-orchestrated container environment, enabling rapid software deployment and scaling. In addition, AWS Outposts will enable deployment of low latency applications on-prem. In this talk, we will explore how Mavenir has deployed its 5G and LTE RAN & Packet Core in AWS Cloud and Outposts to support edge computing use cases.

Kuntal Chowdhury,
Senior Vice President, Packet Core, Mavenir
11:15 - 11:30 CET
11:15 - 11:30 PST
11:30 - 12:00 CET
11:30 - 12:00 PST

  Showcase Partner Demos

12:00 - 12:30 CET
12:00 - 12:30 PST

5G Edge Cloud: A new paradigm for 5G monetization;Global IT decision makers and business executives continue to look for ways to enable applications that are highly resilient and real time in a hyper-scaled manner. This requires more than just compute and storage resources. In fact, this necessitates the network being able to deliver services like software. Learn how the world's premier cloud and 5G network providers have created a new paradigm to deliver cloud based services as an extension of the network which will enable firms and agencies the ability to deliver applications and services that require ultra low latency and ultra high capacity in a highly reliable manner.

Thierry Sender,
Director of IoT and Real-time Enterprise Product Strategy, Verizon
Digital Transformation at ScaleIn this session, Willie Stegmann will provide background on Vodacom’s Digital transformation journey, and how the cloud journey formed an integral part of this. Willie will share their critical planning, lessons learnt and successes, the approach Vodacom took to implement their cloud strategy and reasons for including this important element in their digital strategy. Willie will highlight what they have done to increase cloud adoption by the teams and some successes and lessons learnt to date.

Willie Stegmann,
Group Chief Information Officer, Information Services, Vodacom
Powering customer experiences in production with AILearn about Verizon using AI to understand customer needs and adapt. Routing customers to the right agent first time, helping them while reducing costs. Knowing when to use digital, while surprising and delighting customers. Because no one is average this requires knowing more: what they care about and where they get stuck. Your richest signal is in network data — if curated. It’s billions of events per day and very noisy. Find out how to make this data useable without losing meaning. This is sensitive data, so go beyond compliance and embed privacy into the data. Ensure that promises to customers and regulators are kept. Hear how Verizon will measure the impact, beyond financial KPIs. All this possible via a hybrid model combining Intent’s AI, the AWS cloud and the best of Verizon’s own systems.

Aparna Khurjekar,
Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Transformation, Verizon Consumer Group;

Jonathan Lakin,
CEO, Intent HQ
Boosting Tata Communications IoT and global mobility digital customer experience with Infonova Digital Business Platform on AWS; In this session, Andreas Gabriel CTO, BearingPoint//Beyond together with Manish Maurya, Deputy General Manager at Tata Communications, will share our joint journey in boosting Tata Communications MOVE™ offerings through enhanced customer experience, using the SaaS based Infonova Digital Business Platform. This approach helps to unify and orchestrate the overall customer experience across multiple systems and organizations, benefiting from AWS capability, and accelerating time-to-revenue and scalability.

Manish Maurya,
Deputy General Manager, Tata Communications

Andreas Gabriel, CTO, BearingPoint//Beyond
12:30 - 13:00 CET
12:30 - 13:00 PST
Closing Keynote

Looking ahead with AWS

featuring Andrew Dunnett, Director, SDGs, Sustainable Business and Foundation, Vodafone Group Plc.

Sameer Vuyyuru, Director, Telco Business Development, AWS

Amir Rao, Senior Manager, Telco, AWS

Robin Harwani, Senior Manager, Telco Solutions Architecture, AWS 

In this session, Sameer Vuyyuru, Amir Rao and Robin Harwani will take you through how you can leverage the culture of innovation from AWS. They will be sharing examples of best practices and will focus more on the “How”, including a special guest speaker, Andrew Dunnett, from the Vodafone Foundation, who will share a compelling example of innovation in action.


  • Dirk DidascalouVice President, IoT, Amazon Web Services

    Dirk Didascalou
    Vice President, IoT,
    Amazon Web Services

  • Dr. Stefan Schloter SVP DTO, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

    Dr. Stefan Schloter
    SVP DTO, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

  • Aparna KhurjekarSenior Vice President, Customer Experience & Transformation, Verizon Consumer Group

    Aparna Khurjekar
    Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Transformation, Verizon Consumer Group

  • Mallik RaoChief Technology & Information Officer, Telefonica, Deutschland

    Mallik Rao
    Chief Technology & Information Officer, Telefonica, Deutschland

  • Thierry Sender Director of IoT and Real-Time Enterprise Product Strategy, Verizon

    Thierry Sender
    Director of IoT and Real-Time Enterprise Product Strategy, Verizon

  • Willie StegmannGroup Chief Information Officer, Vodacom

    Willie Stegmann
    Group Chief Information Officer, Vodacom

  • Jason McKelligetDirector Of DevOps Transformation BT TV & Broadband, BT

    Jason McKelliget
    Director Of DevOps Transformation BT TV & Broadband, BT

  • Sonny WhiteheadSenior Director, Magenta Prepaid & Subscription Billing, T-Mobile US

    Sonny Whitehead
    Senior Director, Magenta Prepaid & Subscription Billing, T-Mobile US

  • Jennifer Didoni Head of Cloud Portfolio, Vodafone

    Jennifer Didoni
    Head of Cloud Portfolio, Vodafone

  • Andrei IvanovPrincipal Technology Architect, Telus

    Andrei Ivanov
    Principal Technology Architect, Telus

  • Manish MauryaDeputy General Manager, Tata Communications

    Manish Maurya
    Deputy General Manager, Tata Communications

  • Andrew DunnettVodafone Group Director, SDGs, Sustainable Business & Foundations, Vodafone Foundation

    Andrew Dunnett
    Vodafone Group Director, SDGs, Sustainable Business & Foundations, Vodafone Foundation

Partner Expo

Please click logos to view abstract
  • Accenture SD-WAN Automation Suite

    SD-WAN Automation with Accenture Software-Defined Kit (SDK)
    Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the network infrastructure market. Increasingly, traditional enterprise WANs are not meeting the needs of today’s modern digital business, especially as it relates to supporting Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and multi- and hybrid-cloud usage. Enterprises are wanting easier management of multiple connection types across their WAN to improve application performance and end-user experience. Combined with the rapid embrace of SD-WAN by leading communications service providers (CSPs) globally, these trends continue to drive deployments of SD-WAN, providing enterprises with dynamic management of hybrid WAN connections, and the ability to guarantee high levels of service quality on a per-application basis. With the growth of SD-WAN, however, service providers face challenges in scaling these services cost efficiently while delivering on the promised benefits of SD-WAN. In this demo, we will present Accenture’s SDK library which is a collection of vendor specific modular configuration building blocks which can be leveraged to easily build several automation applications to address SD challenges.
  • Amdocs MarketOne / RevenueOne

    Amdocs is taking the communications and media industry to the cloud
    The world of digital, cloud and the rise of 5G create new opportunities for operators to expand into new services, revenue opportunities and experiences. To enable this shift and support complex business operations, service providers worldwide must embark on transformation journeys centered on the cloud.Amdocs is leading this shift at an accelerated pace with The industry’s most comprehensive suite of cloud-native solutions built to accelerate the CSP journey to the cloud across BSS, OSS and Media, alongside a rich set of cloud practices around the future mode of operations, cloud migration and agile DevOps.
  • TechM NetOps.AI Orchestration

    Monetizing & Managing 5G Networks with TechM BlueMarble + NetOps.ai powered by AWS Cloud & Services
    TechM’s BlueMarble Product Catalog, Commerce and Order Management on AWS enables selling and monetizing of 5G slices. Integrating with NetOps.ai it provides all required capabilities to sell, monetize and manage network slices. The high degree of flexibility and the pre-integrated solution enables operators to explore new 5G business models quickly in a cost-effective way. NetOps.ai is an open source framework for deployment and orchestration of Telco 5G Networks on AWS Edge (Outpost), AWS Public Cloud in a hybrid setup. TechM solution portfolio on AWS enables faster realisation of a CSPs business objectives.
  • Nokia Digital Operations

    Connecting enterprises in a 5G world
    Come see how Nokia and AWS are collaborating to re-define orchestration and slicing for the 5G world with Nokia’s Dynamic Operations suite for AWS Outposts. In this scenario, we will illustrate how an enterprise can order an Outpost for edge computing applications such as mobile robot control, to connect dynamically through 5G slicing. Once the Outpost arrives and is connected, we will show how a 5G network slice connects robotic devices through 5G radio access to the Outpost, and how an AWS Region is initiated through AWS Marketplace and orchestrated by Nokia DO Suite.
  • Openet

    Managing and Monetizing 5G – How to capitalize on 5G slicing & quality of service
    Openet will show how operators can use integrated policy and charging to manage and monetize 5G network slices. We will show how operators or enterprises can easily configure different characteristics, such as Quality of Service and latency in order to leverage 5G network slices. By applying different charging rules for combinations of slices and QoS levels, operators can price their services based on network performance and offer SLAs to enterprise customers. With integrated policy and charging running on AWS, operators can manage and monetize 5G edge based use cases, opening up new revenue streams and enabling edge based use cases.
  • Mavenir

    Mavenir Harnesses AWS to Deliver the Power of 5G
    5G will increase data capacity multifold, provide ultra-low latency connections, offer multiple network slices, thereby enabling new services like 8K videos, VR/AR, autonomous vehicles amongst others. 5G software architecture is based on microservices and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is an ideal platform for the Kubernetes-orchestrated container environment, enabling rapid software deployment and scaling. In addition, AWS Outposts will enable deployment of low latency applications on-prem. In this talk, we will explore how Mavenir has deployed its 5G and LTE RAN & Packet Core in AWS Cloud and Outposts to support edge computing use cases.
  • Mobileum

    Subscription Fraud
    Recognized as the most damaging of all non-technical fraud methods, subscription fraud is the gateway for many other telecom fraud scams, representing almost $2 billion in revenue losses for telecom operators globally. Perpetrators don’t just stop with illegally obtaining service, they usually use it as a precursor to other types of fraud such as Premium Rate Fraud and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF). Using AWS Aurora, Amazon MQ, Amazon EKS and Amazon Athena, Mobileum developed an innovative cloud solution that specifically addresses subscription fraud and ensuring the subscriber at the Point-of-sale that the transaction isn’t a fraudster—without sacrificing a legitimate customer’s experience.
  • Mycom OSI

    Empowering 5G era service delivery and unlocking AI/ML value with the Assurance Cloud™
    In the rapidly changing telecom industry, delivering differentiated quality of service is becoming critical to success. Today, in the 5G era, the bar is set even higher. MYCOM OSI’s Assurance Cloud™, powered by AWS, supports some of the largest, most complex network operations in the world. This demo explores how MYCOM OSI’s highly scalable 5G Roll-out Accelerator - an Assurance Cloud™ solution – enables rapid 5G service monetization, and why the predictive assurance capabilities in MYCOM OSI’s evolving AI/ML solution are essential for the monetization of the next generation of advanced 5G services.
  • CommScope & Athonet

    Digital Edge Networks (Private Mobile Wireless Networks) for enterprises with CommScope and Athonet
    The rise of Digital edge networks with use of Open spectrum globally and specifically CBRS in the US is picking up exponentially in the private networking arena ever since the FCC approved CBRS shared spectrum solution at the beginning of this 2020. CBRS shared spectrum solution uses mobility solutions that provide customers the ability to have a private wireless network with enhanced security, mobility, reliability, and ease to scale. With the Athonet core network platform, Commscope’s CBRS access point and SAS products powered by AWS, users can cut through the complexity of deploying a private LTE network and achieve zero touch provisioning. The Athonet cloud native platform allows users to keep traffic local for performance, security and control while making it extremely simple for any IT professional to manage their LTE and 5G connectivity requirements from an easy to use web-interface. CommScope’s RUCKUS® CBRS product portfolio was built for the enterprise customer with many rich features such as zero touch provisioning, fully automated self-organizing networking (SON), GPS timing, and Mobile app for on-site install and management. Fully integrated with Athonet core network, the solution provides zero touch mobile network and subscription management capability powered by AWS for operators to monetize the radio and transport assets. This demo will cover an overview of the latest features and capabilities of the CommScope RUCKUS® CBRS network products, CommScope Spectrum Access System (SAS) and Athonet Mobile Core and demonstrate setting up your own network.
  • Netcracker

    Making CSPs central to their customers’ digital experience in the 5G era
    With the rollout of 5G networks, increased power at the edge and partner-enabled ecosystems bringing new services to market, CSPs need modernized BSS/OSS that meets the new network, IT and business demands these services create. Netcracker 2020 is our new, modernized, digital portfolio of products and services that has been redesigned and enhanced for the 5G era. We will demonstrate how our partnership with AWS enables CSPs to benefit from the high performance and on-demand scaling of Netcracker’s cloud-native Digital BSS/OSS running on AWS to deliver innovative digital services and experiences with cloud economics.

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