Don’t get left behind in the evolving Web3 technology! Enable your company with a new Web3 campaign in 60 days!

Program Period: Apply before Nov 30

AWS, Cyberport and Polygon want to fuel your company’s future growth using market-proven Web3 use cases and technologies! Through this Enablement program, your company will get credit, web3 business / technical advisory, and proven starter solution packs to create your own Web3 campaigns to launch in 1 - 2 months. We will nurture the entire development of a customer-ready Web3 campaign! And when you are ready to launch your Web3 campaign.

Once you are qualified, we will bring in these ingredients to build your Web3 campaign:

  • Potential credits from AWS and Polygon to support initial running of Web3 campaign
  • One-to-one engagement possibilities with Solution Architects from AWS / Consultants from Polygon
  • Mentors from AWS, Cyberport and Polygon on your Web3 business idea feasibility
  • List of Web3 ready solution providers’ offering to build on top, instead of from scratch
  • Campaign launch opportunities through community events with AWS, Cyberport and Polygon

As the participating company, you are expected to coordinate and bring together:

  • Your business leaders willing to learn and try Web3
  • Your technical leaders willing to learn, test and manage Web3 technologies
  • Your marketing leaders willing to collaborate and create the most awesome Web3 campaigns!

AWS, Cyberport and Polygon will rally our communities to support and spotlight your new Web3 campaigns, making sure they get maximum exposure and success!

To apply, let us know about your business and your Web3 objective

In order to qualify for this Enablement program, we want to hear about your business, what you want to achieve using Web3, so we can ensure you have the matching level of Web3 interest! We will short-list no more than 8 companies into our Enablement program, in order to dedicate our account managers and solution architects to support your Web3 campaigns, from start to finish!