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Request a custom AWS Outposts capacity configuration

Submit the following information to order a custom AWS Outposts capacity configuration. You will be contacted by a member of our team within 3 business days to review your request.

You can provide your desired configuration of the following items in the “Tell us about your project” field:

  • EC2 Instance Capacity - include instance family and instance sizes, e.g. 4 m5.24xlarge, 1 c5d.24xlarge
  • EBS Storage Volumes (gp2) - provide in GB or TB
  • [optional] vCPU & GPU
  • [optional] Max power at position - provide the max power in kVA or kW that you can provide to a position. If no power is listed, we will assume 15 kVA
  • [optional] Notes - tell us more about your use case, site constraints, or other capacity needs

An asterisk (*) indicates required information.