Learn How to Build and Deploy a Web App Backend that Supports Authentication, Geohashing, and Real-Time Messaging

Serverless | 5 Videos and 6 Blogs | 120 minutes

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Table of Contents

    • 1. Introducing the Ask Around Me Serverless Web App

      Introducing the Ask Around Me serverless web app: see how to build and deploy the application, and how different users can communicate with each other in real time.
    • 2. Ask Around Me - Setting Up the Application for Local Dev

      Setting up the application for local development: set up the backend application using AWS SAM templates, and learn how to configure Auth0 authentication for a web app.
    • 3. Ask Around Me - Live Deployment of the Front-End

      Live deployment of the front-end: learn how to create a deployment pipeline for a single-page application (SPA) web app using Amplify Console.
    • 4. Geohashing for Location-Based Web Apps

      Learn the principles of geohashing to query large, location-based datasets using DynamoDB, and see how this works in realtime apps.
    • 5. Load Testing for Web Apps

      Use Artillery to test your serverless backend to ensure the architecture can handle the expected load for your application.


Modern web applications often contains sophisticated features like authentication, geohashing and realtime messaging. In this learning path, you will see how to develop a serverless backend to deploy features. You’ll also learn how to load-test an application, and how to use CI/CD processes to automate deployment.

With a serverless backend, your apps can scale to hundreds of thousands of users without you managing a single server. For serverless builders developing applications for startups or enterprises, this approach allows you to quickly handle complex tasks and focus your development efforts on business logic.

Ask Around Me is a sample application used to showcase these solutions, and both the frontend and backend are provided. The front-end is a Single Page Application (SPA), and the backend is deployed using the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). The architecture uses serverless services like Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB. You will see how this sample application uses AWS services to provide a scalable implementation of common, modern web app features. You can use and customize these patterns in your own applications, helping you create scalable web apps and improve your time-to-market.

Learning Objectives

  • Objective One

    Learn how to implement geohashing and realtime messaging in web apps with a serverless backend

  • Objective Two

    Understanding how to load-test applications and design for scale

  • Objective Three

    Get hands-on with a practical example application and explore the code repo