How to Use Amazon EventBridge to Build Decoupled, Event-Driven Architectures

Serverless | 7 Demos | 60 Minutes

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Table of Contents

    • 1. Intro to Amazon EventBridge

      Learn about Amazon EventBridge and how it can help simplify your application architecture.
    • 2. How to Get Started with Amazon EventBridge

      Get started by creating an event bus, setting up rules, and adding a target.
    • 3. How to Set Up a Custom Bus

      Learn how to set up a custom event bus in Amazon EventBridge, and then send events to the new bus.
    • 4. How to Use Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry

      Use Amazon EventBridge schema registry to search, find, and track different event schemas used and generated by your applications.
    • 5. SaaS Provider: Integrating with Auth0

      Learn how to integrate Auth0 with Amazon EventBridge to extend the functionality of this popular SaaS provider.
    • 6. SaaS Provider: Integrating with Zendesk

      Learn how to integrate Zendesk with a custom serverless application using Amazon EventBridge.
    • 7. SaaS Provider: Integrating with PagerDuty

      Learn how to integrate PagerDuty with Amazon EventBridge to take customized automated action on incident tickets.


Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus service that helps connect external SaaS providers with your own applications and AWS services. EventBridge enables you to decouple your architectures to make it faster to build and innovate, using routing rules to deliver events to selected targets. For serverless builders developing event-driven applications, EventBridge makes it easy to discover event schemas, create a registry of events, and use a robust, highly available event bus to connect data across services. In this learning path, you will get an overview of EventBridge, the basics of event-driven architectures, as well as a deeper dive into EventBridge capabilities, and how best to use in your serverless applications. By the end, you will be ready to create and consume events, how to connect with SaaS providers, and how to make events a central part of your application design.

Ready to take the next step? Watch our deep dive tech talk on Amazon EventBridge, where you can learn how events flow from internal and external applications through EventBridge, and how you can use rules and policies to route, transform, and control access to these events.

Learning Objectives

  • Objective One

    Understand how EventBridge solves difficult architectural problems in distributed computing.

  • Objective Two

    Learn how create your own event bus, and produce and consume events.

  • Objective Three

    Learn how to integrate your application with popular SaaS providers.

Who Should Watch?

  • Software Developers
  • Cloud System Engineers
  • Solutions Architects