Advanced Query Accelerator (AQUA) for Amazon Redshift Preview

AQUA (Advanced Query Accelerator) for Amazon Redshift: Sign up for preview

Advanced Query Accelerator (AQUA) for Amazon Redshift is now available in preview. You will need an AWS Account Number in order to request access. Please submit the information below to request an invitation to the preview. We will contact you with instructions if you are accepted.

AQUA is a new distributed and hardware-accelerated cache for Amazon Redshift that delivers up to 10x better query performance than other cloud data warehouses. AQUA’s preview is now open to all customers, and AQUA will be generally available in January 2021.

Existing data warehousing architectures with centralized storage require data be moved to compute clusters for processing. As data warehouses continue to grow over the next few years, the network bandwidth needed to move all this data becomes a bottleneck on query performance.

If you look at hardware trends since 2012, SSD storage throughput has increased 12x while the ability for CPUs to process data in memory has only scaled 2x. This means that even if you removed the network from being the bottleneck, the ability for CPUs to process all this data is limited.

AQUA takes a new approach to cloud data warehousing. AQUA brings the compute to storage by doing a substantial share of data processing in-place on the innovative cache. In addition, it uses AWS-designed processors and a scale-out architecture to accelerate data processing beyond anything traditional CPUs can do today.

Brings Compute Closer to Storage

AQUA accelerates Redshift queries by running data-intensive tasks such as filtering and aggregation closer to the storage layer. This avoids networking bandwidth limitations by eliminating unnecessary data movement between where data is stored and compute clusters.

Powered by AWS-Designed Processors

AQUA uses AWS-designed processors to accelerate queries. This includes AWS Nitro chips adapted to speed up data encryption and compression, and custom analytics processors implemented in FPGAs to accelerate operations such as filtering and aggregation.

Scale out Architecture

AQUA can process large amounts of data in parallel across multiple nodes and automatically scales out to add more capacity as your storage needs grow over time.

Available on RA3 instances at no additional cost

AQUA-powered Redshift is 100% compatible with Redshift RA3 instances, so you will be able to take advantage of the AQUA performance improvements without any code changes required.

Curious about how AQUA could transform your analytics experience? To evaluate AQUA, you need to run on Amazon Redshift RA3 nodes in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and US East (Ohio) regions and apply to participate in the AQUA preview by filling out the form. We will contact you in early December with instructions.

Please submit the information below to request an invitation to the preview. We will contact you with instructions in early December.