Aging societies are becoming a global phenomenon. As more people reach their 60s, attention will turn to nations where aging populations are higher for insight on what they can expect in the future. New social, political, and legislative changes are needed to address the decline in economic productivity due to the aging workforce and mounting healthcare costs. Most importantly, yet often overlooked, countries will have to re-think how to protect the happiness of aging citizens so they can age with dignity and grace.

Discover how AWS is using HealthTech to push aged care innovation to new frontiers today. Be inspired and join us in moving this vision forward together.

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  • How technology can be a key driver in cutting across complexities within diverse healthcare and aged care systems
  • How HealthTech serves as a unifying force to help different stakeholders focus on the needs of older adults
  • How countries in the United Kingdom, United States, and Asia use technology to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare for seniors

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  • Healthcare professionals
  • Policy owners in the public health system
  • Aged care providers
  • Primary healthcare providers
  • Healthcare product innovators

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