Data Transfer Services: AWS Snow Family Briefing


Data Transfer Services: AWS Snow Family Briefing

Broadcast Date:
August 30, 2018

Level 300 | Service Deep Dive
In this tech talk, we will provide application and storage architects a brief overview of AWS data transfer services that enable data migration, edge processing, and hybrid cloud storage use cases with AWS, and then deep dive into AWS Snow family. The Snow family of physical devices, including AWS Snowball, AWS Snowball Edge and AWS Snowmobile can capture, pre-process, and migrate data into and out of AWS without reliance on costly network infrastructure. We will show how Snowball Edge can now run Amazon EC2 instances for emerging edge compute applications. Join us to learn how you can move your data to AWS and reduce your storage and data center footprints.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn about the portfolio of AWS services and technologies that can help you move data to the cloud
• Learn about the migration and edge computing use cases of the AWS Snow services
• Hear the details of running Amazon EC2 instances on AWS Snowball Edge

Suited For: IT and Operations Managers, IT Administrators, Storage Architects, Application Architects

Speaker(s): Ian Perez Ponce, Sr. Business Development Manager, AWS

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