2022 AWS C-Suite Report: Cloud-Enabled Growthgd


Cloud-based digital transformation provides the cornerstone for long-term success

AWS conducted a comprehensive study of 1,500 executives in 15 markets, 10 industries, and 14 C-level roles. A common thread that emerged was that these leaders believe their organization’s success depends upon digital transformation.

From the report: “Across the C-suite, 98% of executives surveyed in our study see cloud as important to driving digital transformation. A primary reason for this is that a majority of business leaders are keenly focused on growth as well as stability. From our research, 52% of business executives prioritize growth—including increasing revenue and expanding marketing share. While digital transformation can help both growth- and stability-oriented organizations, it is particularly relevant for growth due to the new possibilities it introduces.

Why are business leaders looking to take on digital transformation? Because digital transformation isn’t just about implementing new technology. It’s about using technology to drive growth. Leaders who envision reinvention for their business begin taking steps to invest in their strategy, process, people, and culture. These changes are not about scope size but about impact. By making incremental changes, leaders lay the foundation for transformation.”

Download the 2022 AWS C-suite report to learn more about using cloud to drive growth through digital transformation suited to your organization.

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