About the series

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Week is now available on demand. The webinar series shows nonprofit, government, education, and healthcare organizations how to use machine learning to advance their missions.

Whether you’re new to ML or an IT expert who’s curious about how AI can advance your mission faster, lower costs, or reveal new insights, you’ll learn about how customers just like you are applying these technologies in 2020. Discover how you can build solutions for your organization.

Identify the best AI use case to help solve complex challenges in 2020. Whether you are in a government, nonprofit, university, or hospital setting, this webinar series is designed to spark new ideas for business stakeholders and support deep dive technical execution for developers.

Available sessions:

  • Introduction to AI | 28 mins
  • Detecting patterns of fraud, waste, abuse | 26 mins
  • Automating document management and improving search and discovery | 40 mins
  • Improving student outcomes | 31 mins
  • Extracting insights from unstructured medical data | 28 mins
  • Forecasting service demand and planning capacity | 28 mins
  • Modifying models when major events occur | 32 mins

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