Optimize Disaster Recovery on AWS (Level 200)

Today’s organizations require models that increase simplicity and reduce the fragmentation created by the use of multiple management tools. They need models that allow them to continue to innovate while maintaining the stability of existing solutions.

How to increase organizational effectiveness and agility by transforming your operating strategy from disaster recovery (DR) to automated business resilience. Veritas is a platform that recovers applications across different hypervisors, operating systems and storage arrays. It eliminates the need to purchase multiple solutions by supporting any workload on physical and virtual infrastructure, providing single-click resilience across all applications. Plus, it removes the fear of the unknown, freeing your organization to innovate with confidence.

優化在AWS上的災難恢復(Level 200)

現今的組織模式需要能夠簡化並減少由於使用多種不同管理工具所產生的碎片。 組織需要能夠繼續創新,同時能夠保持現有解決方案的穩定性的模型。

如何通過將運營策略從災難恢復(Disaster Recovery - DR) 轉為自動化業務彈性來提高組織效率和敏捷性? Veritas 是一個夠跨不同虛擬機管理程序、操作系統和存儲陣列恢復應用程序的平台,通過支援實在和虛擬基礎架構上的任何工作負載,無需購買多個解決方案,從而在所有應用程序中提供彈性。 此外,它減除了對未知的恐懼,讓您的組織無憂無慮地進行創新。

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